Why do we always feel extra sleepy on days when we have extra work to complete? Every other night I’m twisting and turning in bed waiting for sleep, but today?

Let’s all take a moment and praise the god/evolution for coffee.



I hate analogies. They raise more questions than it answers and never fully explains a scenario. This makes me believe that there are no good analogies. There are bad analogies and those that make sense in an ELI5 scenario. Please avoid them if you can. Understand the issue for what it is instead of comparing apples and oranges.



There are lot of times in life when you decide to restart things in life. Sometimes, the people around you make that choice on your behalf, by cutting you out. It sucks either way, I just find the latter to be a bit more difficult.

Past imperfect, present tense and future uncertain. This is just the way I expected my life to go.