My name is NT Balanarayan and I used to be a tech-gaming journalist working with a Bangalore-based newspaper. These days I’m working with Daily Tribune, Bahrain.

This is one of the blogs I’ve managed to keep for a few years, the others ended up in a digital bin because of lack of updates. (yup I deleted them out of sheer frustration — lack of posts, a-bit-too-private-posts, you know, same ol’ story). I started this blog to crib about Bangalore, autodrivers and everything that irritated me and I named it ‘chupchap’ (means silently in hindi, it can also be split into chup-chap to mean someone who is very silent) as I started it and did not inform anyone for a while.

These days I’m not very chupchap as I tweet like a parrot and blog here more on technology and occasionally post the stories I write for newspapers here. So if you want a slice of my real life, you can follow me on twitter. 🙂