How do you measure your life? To some the money in the bank is the definite metric of success. At least, it is used as an indication for the direction your life is headed. I’m not too convinced.

Happiness would be a better metric, but how do you express it numerically and programmatically? If money can buy happiness, can it be used that as a metric? What other factor would you add to a happiness meter? How do you factor in dissatisfaction, depression, envy, all factors that can affect your happiness meter? What other metric do you use? How do you measure them? We have self driving cars now. Cars were invented 100 years ago. Why haven’t we figured out the metric for defining happiness yet?

Why are the smartest people of our generation working on the algorithm to figure out the video we are likely to watch the most, or trying to make a gadget last a few hours longer while shrinking the size of a battery? Priorities.

Emotions are always pushed to the side. It is somehow the needs that are given more focus. Will that change? Should that change?


One thought on “Metrics

  1. My measure at the moment is whether I can get through the day without hating myself. Job/money/career – that’s for “normal” people.

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