Hello From Bahrain…

Been here for two months and still no post? Shame on me! How’s Bahrain? Good, if not awesome

Unlike other ‘Gelf’ countries it’s pretty liberal and at times I think there are more Indians than Bahrainis here. The whole kingdom is smaller than Bangalore, has good roads and fast cars. You can even spot an occasional Ashok Leyland bus, used mostly for transporting labourers. The smoke it spews is a perfect cure for homesickness.

So where all have I been to in the kingdom? I have visited all the malls — City Center is massive and can make most malls in Bangalore look tiny. It has a cineplex with 20 screens which play some crappy Akshay Kumar or Farah Khan movie always. Oh hold on, that’s one bloody movie. D O  N O T  W A T C H  I T.

Haven’t seen any other part of the country to be honest as I spend a lot of time in front of a 22″ Mac in office (I hate Macs) and go home to spend time in front of a 32″ screen playing on my Xbox 360. So like I said initially, life’s good, if not awesome.

Contrary to popular perception, it’s pretty cold over here, It’s colder than Bangalore during the winters.

May be I should start a new blog where I can post one liners on the kingdom. Sometimes Twitter’s not good enough, so I started a blog to post itsy-bitsy thoughts.


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