You can post to Buzz via email

I just found this on ReadWriteWeb, that you can post photos, videos or just plain text to buzz via email. All you have to do is mail it all to
Though the idea is pretty interesting, it's also a threat to Posterous, a website which lets you blog by simply sending in an email. What made services like Posterous and Tumblr so unique is the fact that one can subscribe to posterous/tumblr account of their friends and see updates on posterous/tumblr dashboards. In short no need for an RSS-RSS reader. That way Buzz already has a dashboard, a real time one at that. I haven't seen anyone use this feature or even talk about this feature as such. So let's see how it pans out. Could it be a threat to these blogging platforms? May be, may be not. I won't call Buzz a Posterous killer yet, there's definitely space for more than one service, considering there are a lot of people who don't want to keep all their eggs in google's basket.

PS: I CCed this post to my posterous account. Do check it out too =)


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