Now get spammed on the move – SPDC 2009

I am cool with spamming, in the sense, I find it very entertaining; amusing rather. Just the thought of someone trying to sell ‘v1agra’ to a guy in 20s who still hasn’t bothered to get a credit card is hilarious to say the least. The most interesting of the lot, are those guys who want to send you hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds to evade tax. Ya right. If you are so desperate to get rid of funds temporarily, why not just send me a cheque rather than an email? Oh sorry, forgot you’re a con-artist. My bad.

I think these con-artists are facing the threat of extinction, thanks to advances in spam filters of email providers like Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. But hey, guess what — these guys are smart. They figured that there are more mobile users in India than internet users. So now they have started sending out such message via SMS. Unbelievable? Believable, because I got one of these messages. It goes like this.


3310-01Awesome no? By the way the message was in all caps I kept them like that to retain the originality. 😉 Internet users are always skeptical of such mails and have learned to ignore them, but mobile users, well there will be a lot of users who are naive and fall for this and hey, SMSs don’t even go to any spam folder! So in case you get such an SMS don’t get over excited  and jump into the fray, instead pause for a moment and appreciate the humour. You can optionally reply with a “Thanks but no thanks”. Any other suggestions?

Talking of spam I suggest you read this comic FlyYouFools and it looks like I am not the only one to get this SMS and yes, this proves my point about mobile users being naive to such scams. The funny part is that people don’t even stop to wonder what the hell SPDC is, or how they got your number, or why they would have a ‘hotmail’ account as email id.

Please do spread the word. 🙂

UPDATE: According to Thejesh, if you call back probably you will get charged heavily…airtel had warned few months back.


4 thoughts on “Now get spammed on the move – SPDC 2009

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