Welcome to chupchap.in

Am using a basic theme right now. Will change it to something cooler later on. Subscribe to the feed and see you around =) Am back to active blogging!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to chupchap.in

  1. Hi Balu, long time. Thanks for following India – Travels in my nightie, but that will pretty much be an archive. I’m posting new stuff on India-aaagh. Good luck with chup-chap. Oh, and Google Adsense – it does work but it’s hard work and the returns are miniscule. Maybe you should think of signing up for some relevant affiliate programmes – far more profitable if you get the right partners.


    Paul Nixon’s last blog post..The unthinkable becomes a possibility

  2. @Paul Nixon
    Thanks for dropping 🙂 I was kinda surprised when you deleted Nightie off the web! That blog was really funny :-/
    As far as ads go, yes I am thinking of alternatives but onlu fatre I start getting like 1000 hits a day at least. As of now, it’s just a little above hundred! 😦

    balu’s last blog post..This has to be the best election ever!

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