Advani says bye, so do I


Ad-vani did not become PM, too bad for him. Better luck next time.

Meanwhile I bought, there is a BIG huge story behind it, which I will blog at later on (so hey keep reading, subscribe to feeds too.)

Oh, why the jab at google ads? Because my attempt to make money via google ads for my gaming blog has been a total failure. One, I don’t blog that often; two, not many people care about gaming in India; three, who in India will come to my site searching for gaming related news, and give a damn about Advani, whose ads keep popping up on the site. I miss the logic!

Now that he has lost, his ads won’t pop up anymore in Buhahahaha, am glad you lost buster! Nothing political about it, mind it! See you folks as =)

PS: Point you feeds to


9 thoughts on “Advani says bye, so do I

  1. Smart thing to do. I removed the ads on my blog too recently. You get real money from Google only when you reach $100 and that looked like a hard task. The money accrues only on clicks while the companies get free real estate views even without click.

  2. Gaming in India is totally there and its just that with a thousand sites with almost same content people dont go everywhere..

    And hey congrats on . 🙂

  3. okay, making money from blogging won’t happen very easy .. takes time 😀 so , don’t worry

    congrats on purchasing new domain !!! good luck !

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