I knew it, there's something fishy about Indian politics

India is the largest democracy in the world. We are also home to the worst set of politicians on earth. Their worst hobby – mudslinging, pocketing tax payers money and preaching.

Now what provoked me to write this post was this audacious remark made by Mr Modi. He decided to give the kiddo treatment to Rahul Gandhi. But instead of patting him on the head and giving him some chocolate he decided to call him a “small aquarium fish”.

Well Congress wasn’t happy with it, don’t know about our Rahul’ji’ aka G, because he did not comment!

Congress spokesman, Manish Tewari, was the first to react. Equally hopeless mind you! “If Rahul is like a fish in the aquarium, then Modi is a piranha who devoured human beings,” he said. Okay sir-G, you win, but don’t piranhas attack in group?

All this pointless verbal duel gives me a super duper idea. Why not put all politicians in a Royal-Rumble match to decide who will be PM. Survival of the fittest and chalu-est.. what say?


9 thoughts on “I knew it, there's something fishy about Indian politics

  1. India isn’t the biggest democracy.. its a the worst and biggest parody on democracy.. u know like those horrible movies which make fun of good movies

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