CNN is spamming my inbox

The first thing I do when I go online is check my mail. Why? Because I love reading those spam mails.. It’s interesting you know, someone wants me to sell Britney Spears porn DVD and some want me to sell pills (guess what kind!)

However for the past one week there is one more source trying to “sell” stuff to me. Its none other than media giant CNN who is “selling news” to me.. woah…

The mail says I subscribed to them. Hold on did I? hmm nah none that I can think of. So I decided to disable the alerts and reached the link given at the end of the mail to disbale them. I was redirected to a login page. Well I tried logging in with my email id and guess what CNN site figured!

Apparently my EMAIL IS NOT RECOGNISED.. really? Then how how you are spamming my mail with alerts and blah? Well at this point I was quite confused and didn’t know what to do. So I did the most logical thing under the circumstances – google search. And look what it threw up.

Also am not alone, many others are also being spammed! Any idea whats happening, how it happened?


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15 thoughts on “CNN is spamming my inbox

  1. @Dinu
    Helpdesk.. hmmm

    Attack CNN? No!
    Cmment on a story on CNN site?
    No! How did they get my id? am perplexed!

    Yeah I mailed someone in CNN (troubleshooting thingy) will let you also know if they reply

  2. Hey Balu – if it wasn’t CNN spamming you, I am sure it would be some other spam about eBay, or a major bank, or a great way to save loads of cash on all your viagra needs! There’s always someone sending us rubbish via email.

  3. Its an old scam.. they make it extremely difficult to opt out…I have opted out of a boring McKinsey mailer about 4 times yet I keep getting stuff from them.

    Best is to create your own mail rules that will delete the CNN mails…

  4. @ Balu

    How they got your mail is easy – by harvesting email IDs from lists, from the virus-ridden PCs of people you may be emailing and buying lists.

    Why the site does not recognise your email could be because they outsource some DM like many organisations do.

    What you can do about it – delete, delete and write posts. I have been experiencing the same thing with a few mailers sent to one of my Yahoo IDs. I found their CEOs’ email IDs and set an auto-forward. (I also return paper junk mail in the accompanying pre-pair envelopes!).

  5. Maybe you should email Ted Turner and tell him that you’re a journo with BM and that CNN is spamming u and whether he has anything to comment on this trend… Would be interesting to see his reaction… then write a scathing article in the papers about this and screw their happiness! πŸ˜€

  6. @karmalove, suda
    I knew I wasn’t the only one πŸ˜‰
    and yes thanks for the link that explains everything

    @Liam Dempsey
    I stopped using my old yahoo account because of eBay like site which was bent upon filling up my inbox with their special discounts

    Yeah true! There seems to be no perfect method to stop them 😦

    “I found their CEOs’ email IDs and set an auto-forward. (I also return paper junk mail in the accompanying pre-pair envelopes!).”
    Thats a cool thing to do πŸ˜€ never thought of it

    Turns out they are not responsible after all (check the link posted by karmalove) and I don’t think he would give a damn about threats anyway πŸ˜›

    Three is crowd πŸ˜€

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